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20母章第二十Heavenly Sustenance for Grantede

绝学无忧。Have done with learning,And you will have vexation no more.“之与,相去几何?How great is the difference between “Hi!” and “Hey!” ?善之与恶,相去若何?What is the distinction between good and evil”?人之所畏,不可不畏。Must I fear what others fear?荒兮其未央哉!What abysmal nonsense this is!众人熙熙,如享太牢,All men arc joyous and beaming, As though feasting upon a sacrificial ox,如春登台。As though mounting the Spring Terrace;我独泊兮其未兆。如婴儿之未孩。I alone am placid and give no sign, Like a babe which has not yet smiled.儽儽兮若无所归。I alone amm forlorn as one who has no home to return to.众人皆有狳,而我独若遗。All men have enough and to spareI alone  appear to possess nothing.我愚人之心也哉!Whata fool I am!沌沌兮!What a muddled mind I have!俗人昭昭,All men arc bright, bright:我独昏昏。I alone  am dull dull.俗人察察,All men are active:我独闷闷。I alone am inactive!澹兮其若海。Blandlike the ocean,兮若无止。Aimless like the wafting gale.众人皆有以,All men settle down in their grooves:而我独顽似鄙。I alone am stubborn and remain outside.我独异于人,而贵食母!But where in I am most different from others is In knowing to takesustenance From my Mother-Nature.


绝学无忧。之与,相去几何?善之与恶,相去若何?人之所畏,不可不畏。荒兮其未央哉!众人熙熙,如享太牢,如春登台。我独泊兮其未兆。如婴儿之未孩。儽儽兮若无所归。众人皆有狳,而我独若遗。我愚人之心也哉!沌沌兮!俗人昭昭,我独昏昏。俗人察察,我独闷闷。澹兮其若海。兮若无止。众人皆有以,而我独顽似鄙。我独异于人,而贵食母! [




21从道章第二十一 The Virtuous path of Tao

孔德之容,惟道是从。It lies  in the nature of Grand Virtue To follow the Tao and the Tao alone.道之为物,惟恍惟惚。Now what is the Tao? it is Something elusive and evasive.惚兮恍兮,其中有象。Evasive and elusive And yet It contains within Itself a Form.恍兮惚兮,其中有物。Elusive and evasive

And yet It contains within Itself a Substance.窈兮冥兮,其中有精。Shadowv and dim And yet It contains within Itself a Core of Vitality.其精甚眞,其中有信。The Core of Vitality is very real, It contains within Itself an unfailing Sincerity.

自古及今,其名不去。Throughoutthe ages Its Name has been preserved以阅众甫。吾何以知众甫之状哉?以此。In order to recall the Beginning of all things, How do I know the ways of all things at the Beginning? By what is within me.






22抱一章第二十二 Consensus on Tao

曲则全。Bend and you will be whole.枉则直。Curl and you will be straight.洼则盈。Keep empty and you will be filled.敝则新。Worn out and then renewed,少则得。Have little and you will gain.多则惑。Have much and you will be confused.是以圣人抱一为天下式。Thereforc, the Sage embraces the One, And becomes a Pattern to all under Heaven.不自见,故明。He does not make a show of himself, Hence he shines不自是故彰。Does not justify himself, Hence he becomes known不自伐故有功。Does not boast of his ability,Hence he gets his credit;不自矜,故长。Does not brandish his success,Hence he endures; 夫唯不争,故天下莫能与之争Does not compete with anyone, Hence no one can compete with him。古之所谓「曲 则全」者,岂虚言哉。Indeed,the ancient saying:“Bend and you will remain whole”is no idle word,诚全而归之。Since that you have really attained wholeness, everything will flock to you.


曲则全。枉则直。洼则盈。敝则新。少则得。多则惑。是以圣人抱一为天下式。不自见,故明。不自 是,故彰。不自伐,故有功。不自矜,故长。夫唯不争,故天下莫能与之争。古之所「曲 则全」者,岂虚言哉。诚全而归之。


委曲则能求全.不在乎被冤枉的人必然是性格率直的.位于漥地是易盈的.不耻下问的人的学问是盈满的.东西破旧了才会更新.少欲望则容易满足.多要求则常感困惑.抱着这圣人单纯心境就足以为天下人作模式.不固执自己成见的人,他的心才能够明白.不认为自己才是全对的人,他的德行才能够彰显出来.不夸耀自己功劳的人,便赚到别人给他记功,不骄傲自己的才华,更受人尊敬.因为他不与人争夺,故天下的人也没法跟他较量..因此古人所说的[委曲就能求全]道理,岂是虚伪的言论!所以说能够时时 坚守这般中肯 的人,天下自然就归附于他.


23自然章第二十三The course of Tao

希言自然。Only simple and quiet words will ripen of themselves.故飘风不终朝,For a whirlwind does not last a whole morning,骤雨不终日。Nor does a suudden shower last a whole day.孰为此者?天地! Who is their author? Heaven-and-Earth!天地尚不能久,而况于人乎?Even Heaven-and-earth cannot make such violent things last long How much ruler is it of the rash endeavours of men?故从事于道者,道者同于道;Hence he who cultivates the Tao is one with the Tao.德者同于德;He who practices Virtue is one with Virtue;失者同于失。And he who courts after Loss is one with Loss. 同于道者’道亦乐得之To be one with the Tao is to be a welcome accession to the Tao;;同于德者,德亦乐得之:To be one with Virtue is to be a welcome accession to Virtue;同于失者,失亦乐得之。To be one with Loss is to be a welcome accession to Loss信不足焉’有不信焉。Deficiency or raith on your part Entails faithlessness on the part of others.






24 守常章第二十四 Stay Moderate

企者不立。One on tip-toe cannot stand.跨者不行。One astride cannot walk.自见者不明。One who displays himself does not shine.自是者不彰。One who justifies himself has no glory.自伐者无功。One who boasts of his own ability has no merit.自矜者不长。One who parades his own success will not endure.其在道也曰:「余食赘行」,物或恶之,In Tao these things are called "unwanted food and extraneous growths,”Which are loathed by all things.故有道者不处。Hence, a man of Tao does not set his heart upon them.






25曰道章第二十五The Unnamable Tao

有物混成,There was Something undefined and yet complete in itself,先天地生。Born before Heaven-and-Earth. 寂兮蓼兮Silent and boundless,独立不改,Standing alone without change,周行而不殆,Yet pervading all without fail,可以为天下母。It may be regarded as the Mother of the world.吾不知其名,I do not know its name;字之曰「道」;I characterixe  it Tao”;强为之名曰「大」。And,in the absence of a better word, call itThe Great“大曰逝。To be great is to go on,逝曰远。To go on  is to be far,远曰反。To be far is to return.故「道大,hence, Tao is great,天大,Heaven is great,地大,Earth is great王亦大」。King is great."域中有四大,而王居其一焉。the king is one of the great four in the Universe.人法地,Man follows the ways of the Earth,地法天,The Earth follows the ways of Heaven,天法道,Heaven follows the ways of Tao,道法自然。Tao follows its own ways.






26辎重章第二十六The Burden of Duty

重为轻根。Heaviness is the root of lightness,静为躁君。Serenity is the master of restlessness.是以圣人终日行不离赖重。Therefore the Sage, travelling all day Does not part with the baggage-wagon;虽有荣观,Though there may be gorgeous sights to see,燕处超然He stays at ease in his own home.奈何万乘之主,而以身轻天下?Why should a lord of ten thousand chariots Display his lightness to the world?轻则失本,To be light is to be separated from one's root.躁则失君。To be restless is to lose one's self-mastery.






27袭明章第二十七 Follow the Conscience

善行无橄迹。Good walking leaves no track behind it,善言无瑕谪。Good speech leaves no mark to he pickcd at善数不用筹策。Good calculation makes no use of counting-slips善闭无关楗而不可开。Good shutting makes no use of bolt and bar, And Yet nobody can undo it;善结无绳约而不可解。Good tying makes no use of rope and knot, And yet nobody can untie it.是以圣人常善救人,Hence,the Sage is always good at saving men故无弃人;And therefore nobody is abandoned;常善救物,Always good at saving things,故无弃物。And therefore nothing is wasted.是谓「袭明」。This is called ‘‘following the guidance of the Inner Light善人者,不善人之师。Hence good men arc teachers of bad men,不善人者,善人之资。While  bad men are the charge of good men.不贵其师,Not to revere one's teacher.不爱其资,Not to cherish one's charge,虽智大迷。This Is to be on the wrong road,however intelligent one may be.是谓要妙。This is an essential tenet of the Tao.






28常德章第二十八Walking the Path of Tao

知其雄,Know the masculine守其雌,Keep to the Feminine,为天下溪,And be the brook of the world为天下溪,To be the brook of the World is常德不离,To move constantly in the path of Virtue Without  swerving from it,复归于婴儿And to return again toinfancy.。知其白,Know the white,守其黑,Keep to the black为天下式。And be the Pattern of the World.为天下式,To be the Pattern of the World is常德不忒,To move constantly in the path of Virtue Without erring a single step,复归于无极。And to return again to the Infinite.知其荣,Know the glorious’守其辱,Keep to the  lowly,为天下谷。And be the Fountain of the World.为天下谷,常德乃足,To be the Fountain of the World is To live the abundant life of Virtue,复归于朴。And to return again to  Primal Simplicity. 幞散则为器When Primal Simplicity diversifies It becomes useful vessels,,。圣人用之则为官长。Which, in the handsof the Sage, become officers故「大制不割」。Hence, :a great  tailor does little cutting.






29慎身章第二十九The Scrupulous Effect

将欲取天下而为之,Does anyone want to take the world and do what he wants with it?吾见其不得已。I do not see how he can succeed.天下神器,不可为也,The worldis a sacred vessel, which must not be tamperedWith or grabbed after.为者败之,执者失之。To tamper with it is to spoil it, and to grasp it is to lose it.是以圣人无为,Therefore the Sage would do nothing.故无败,Hence no failure故无失。Hence no loss,故物或行或随;In fact, for all things there is a time for going ahead,and a time for following behind;或觑或吹;A timefor slow-breathingand a time for fast-breathing;或强或羸;A time to grow in strength and a time to decay;或载或隳。A time of secured and a time of ruined.是以圣人去甚、去奢、去泰。Therefore, the Sage avoids all extremesexcesses and extravagances.






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